A wild winter floral arrangement

Georgie Malyon bids you to brighten up the coldest season with a wild arrangement that springs right out of the vase and whispers a promise that warmer days will return.

Warm the soul with a wild bunch

1 Whether you’re experiencing a spot of listlessness or you’ve gone into full hibernation mode, I’m with you when
it comes to the low-energy vibes winter can bring on. And as for my little Brussels griffon Roky, he’s simply pooped (or doing a very good impression of acting so!). Fortunately, there are always flowers to brighten our days, and this ethereal bunch is sure to add a dash of cheer to a dark corner. In this arrangement, I’ve used blue gum foliage, peony tulips, fennel flowers, hellebores (aka winter roses), pale blue tweedia and scabiosa. While you won’t find most of these flowers in your garden right now, you can purchase them from your local florist, and your support won’t just brighten up our day but also our hard-working local flower growers.


2 Use a vase no larger than one-third the size of your arrangement. If your flowers are relatively lightweight, you can go even smaller. If you can’t arrange your flowers straight away, trim the stems as soon as you get them home, then place them in a bucket of water up to their necks. Before you start arranging them, trim the stems again.

3 Strip any foliage from the bottom half of your stems so that none of it will be submerged in the water. Longevity is the aim of the game here, and this will prevent bacteria from growing in the water. If you have more of one type of plant than the others or one has more body, such as the hellebores, add these to your vase first and save the flowers you have fewer of to add at the end, so you can display them to maximum effect throughout the arrangement.

4 To create a wild, natural aesthetic, you want your flower stems to be a range of heights, so cut each stem as you go – on a 45-degree angle, to give your flora the biggest drink possible. I intentionally left the stems of fennel and scabiosa flowers long to make the most of their starry spires and give the arrangement more height. Placing them at different angles enhances the casual meadow feel. Don’t forget to allow some of your flowers to tumble down as well. And relax!


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