British Blue Hermione is the perfect yoga partner for Rachel Grunwell 

Wellness expert Rachel Grunwell’s gorgeous British blue, Hermione, has cast a spell on many of the people who stroll down her street in Auckland’s Mt Eden.

“I have so many people knock on my door to ask me, ‘Where did you get your beautiful cat?’ says Rachel. “She was flown in from Christchurch and her paws have barely touched the ground since her arrival. My boys, Zach, Lachlan and Finn, pick her up and cuddle her constantly. But she still demands more cuddles from passers-by!”

Rachel, a self-described “former caffeine-fuelled, sugar-addicted investigative journalist turned wellness geek” loves having Hermione in her corner when she’s doing wellness coaching from home. “I’m so lucky she hangs around in my office all day. Having a pet in your workplace does wonders for your health and your happiness levels. Patting them releases a string of feel-good chemicals in your brain and you also get that disconnect from work.”

When they’re not working, Rachel and Hermione often retreat into the bedroom. “I live in a 120-year-old villa, so it’s got a massive bedroom. With three boys in the house, sometimes it’s nice for us girls to escape,” she says. “I do my yoga, and she lies on the bed, does a few stretches and looks at me judgily.”


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