Clinton Randell’s dog Benny is the paw-fect gift for the whole family

Radio presenter Clinton Randell’s dog Benny is the paw-fect gift who just keeps on giving.

As far as wedding presents go, Clinton Randell’s Spoodle Benny is far better than average. The Edge Breakfast presenter and his wife Jaime adopted him as a nuptial gift to themselves.

“So when I remember how old he is, I also remember how many years I’ve been married,” Clint says. “He was 12 in April.”

Clint, who lives in Auckland, was smitten as soon as he saw Benny, but he then had to go to Wellington to film the TV show One Night Only.

“The joke on set was the show almost lasted as long as the title – it didn’t really get off the ground. I just kept thinking about Benny. I knew I had to hurry because Spoodles get snapped up. I grabbed him as soon as I got back, then we found out he was born the same day we got married – it was uncanny.”

Of Clint’s six-year-old daughter Cameron and four-year-old son Ty, it’s Ty who is Benny’s biggest fan.

“Ty’s obsessed with him. He follows Benny everywhere. He’s always lying on him and trying to cuddle him on the couch, and the dog is like, ‘Leave me alone.’”

Clint and Jaime put their pool in just before Christmas last year and he says it’s been a godsend for entertaining the kids during lockdowns. Benny likes to run around the edges but isn’t a fan of swimming in it.

“He’s fallen in a couple of times but he doesn’t love it. He prefers running into a creek with ducks and crap he can get caught in his fur. He just loves the worst-smelling things. He finds a dead bird, he’ll roll in it. So I don’t really want him in my pool.”

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