Couture cat Phoebe strutted her way from the SPCA into this stylish Herne Bay home

A woman sitting on a couch with a cat

Cute and coquettish, SPCA rescue cat Phoebe is as stylish as her owners. We get a glimpse of her chic Herne Bay home.

This isn’t Phoebe the cat’s first photo shoot. In 2015 she posed at the SPCA in Auckland for a special pet issue of Viva, and made such an impression she was adopted by Zoe Walker Ahwa and Dan Ahwa, who both worked for the magazine.

Phoebe fits right into the Herne Bay rental she shares with the stylish couple. Zoe, who is now editorial director of fashion and culture website Ensemble, describes the book-filled home as “chaotic but charming … The books can look messy but I think they bring a sense of warmth and soul to a home.”

The showpiece of the home – and a favourite spot of Phoebe’s – is a pink-striped scalloped couch the couple found at one of their favourite vintage stores, Babelogue. Phoebe will curl up here while her owners read, watch TV and hang out.

“We get so many comments about it,” Zoe says. “Someone once described it as looking like a croissant, which I love.”

Phoebe shares her patch with another cat, Jem, who is too neurotic to share the frame on the day Haven visits. Phoebe has no such qualms. “Whenever we have people over, she is extremely friendly and flirtatious,” Zoe says.

Named after fashion designer Phoebe Philo, the cat has been known to wear a diamanté collar for photos, and signals her approval for her owners’ outfits in her own way. “Her fur is on literally every single item of clothing we own,” Zoe says.

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