Create this dramatic floral arrangement for Mother’s Day

Georgie Malyon dabbles with dramatic dahlias and delivers a stand-up performance any mum would be proud of.

1 In floriography, dahlias symbolise commitment and eternal love, which makes them perfect for Mother’s Day. To create this arrangement, I used a shallow vase and a range of kenzan, which means “sword mountain” in Japanese (you can buy them from some florists and op shops). These structural devices were originally used for ikebana (Japanese flower arranging) and are wonderful for keeping long stems upright.

A selection of dahlias, a vase, and scissors

2 Fill your vase with water and add your kenzan. Remove any foliage from the bottom of your flowers, though may like to leave some further up the stems for a more natural, softer look. If you can’t get dahlias, there are always…

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