Loyal Labrador guide dog Fido loves to lie about in this Mārahau holiday home

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This loyal Labrador guide dog and mascot is one big softie. Pic Picot shares the story behind their special bond.

Pic Picot, the founder of Pic’s Peanut Butter, met Fido seven years ago when his eyesight began to suffer due to macular degeneration. He contacted Blind Low Vision NZ (then named the Blind Foundation) and was matched with Fido a month later.

After a week’s trial, the Nelson local decided they could be a team, and trained to be a dog handler. “My eyesight never deteriorated to the point where I was likely to bump into things but Fido has been amazing as far as giving me the confidence that I’m never going to have to sit at home for lack of being able to find out where I am,” he says. “If it’s really dark and I can’t see where I’m going, he steps up to an extraordinary degree.”

Now nine years old, Fido loves to lie about – unless someone reaches for his lead. The Picots’ holiday home in Mārahau, next to Abel Tasman National Park, has a cabin with a kitchen and piano, a cabana (pictured above) with a big outdoor table and barbecue, and caravans for bedrooms. It’s a unique set-up that ensures everyone enjoys the outdoors, including Fido, who sneaks under the caravans to find the shade and breeze.

Pic’s selective with treats, but Fido does get to enjoy his crunchy peanut butter after the odd vet visit. “He’s learnt that he needs to go through his peanut butter very carefully to make sure there are no nasty pills in there.”

Fido has become a mascot for Pic’s Peanut Butter, posing for photos with fans and inspiring his own stuffed toy. With his special privileges, Fido loves to sit under the table at meetings and in restaurants.

“People just go silly over him, anywhere, anytime, and it’s the loveliest thing to be the guy that brings that dog into those environments.”

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