Make a floating bedside ledge with this simple step-by-step guide

This easily DIY-able idea will add both practicality and style to your bedroom! Here’s how to make a floating bedside ledge with a warm, rustic edge.

You will need

MDF board 1200mm x 600mm x 9mm





2 x 10cm brackets

9mm wood screws (if you can’t get screws that are short enough, add some washers)*

Power drill

Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen paint

Wall fixings*

*Instead of using wall fixings and 9mm screws, you can use screws that are long enough to go right through the wall-facing shelf and the bracket and into the wall. Use filler to hide the tops of the screws before you paint.


On the MDF, draw an oval that’s 40cm across at the narrowest diameter and 46cm across at the widest diameter. Rule a line through the centre, across the shorter diameter.

A piece of MDF board with a ruler and a pencil next to it

Carefully cut out the shapes using the jigsaw.

A piece of MDF board with an oval cut out and a jigsaw next to it

You should have two halves of an oval.

3 Sand the edges so they are smooth and the straight edge is nice and even.

Two oval shapes cut out of an MDF board with a piece of sandpaper next to it

4 Attach the brackets to the back of the shelf base with the wood screws, so they’re an even distance from each end of the shelf.

Two oval shapes cut out of an MDF board with brackets attached at the back

5 Attach the wall-facing part of the shelf to the bracket with more wood screws, so that it meets the shelf base.

An oval MDF board hanging on wall with another piece being attached
A hanging wall shelf made out of MDF boards

6 You are ready to paint! Use Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen in your choice of colour. We used Resene Cinnamon.

A wooden shelf hanging on wall painted with various Resene paint colours

Secure shelf to the wall with an appropriate fixing that’s strong enough to hold your chosen objects.

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