Meet the cat who knows how to knock on the front door of her Titirangi abode

The co-founder of interiors store Father Rabbit, Claudia Zinzan, says her tabby cat loves beautiful interiors and playing in the garden.

Tell us about your cat.

Her full name is Pat the Cat but we only use that at the vet. The name we use is Puss Puss. She is 12 years old (our first baby) and she is a tabby.

Please describe your house’s style.

We have a big house with lots of sunny places to sleep. Puss Puss sleeps in more than 50 different locations. She loves venturing out into our big garden with us and rolling around in the dirt.

When did your pet first move into your home?

She moved with us from Grey Lynn suburbia to the Titirangi bush seven years ago.

How did you find her?

She was found on Trade Me, for free, from West Auckland.

How does she spend their days now?

Puss Puss is a little demanding! She won’t really eat her biscuits unless you go and “give her permission” by patting her and shaking the bowl. She knows how to knock on the front door with the door handle, even though she has a cat door downstairs, so that you will let her in. We have to warn babysitters that the cat will be knocking at the door, not some random person.

What do they like to do most in your home?

She loves to follow you around the garden. She’s an affectionate gorgeous cat. She loves sleeping in every location imaginable following the sun.

Is there a certain piece of furniture or area of the house they love to hang out in?

Any beautiful throw or white bedlinen or good blazer – she is there leaving her fur!

How does your pet add to your family home life?

She’s always been hilarious. She knows how to fetch like a dog if you throw a toy mouse. She’s an absolute flirt with new people in the house but plays hard-to-get with us.

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