Refresh an old cabinet with paint and rattan

Update an old cabinet with on-trend rattan and a retro-cool mint and gold palette.

You will need:

An old bedside cabinet

Resene Strip-Off Paintbrushes

A paint scraper

Safety gloves, eye protection, dust mask

An electric sander or light sandpaper

A piece of rattan

Resene Waterborne Smooth Surface Sealer

Resene paint (we used Resene Kandinsky and Resene Tussock)

A staple gun


bedside table, resene paint, rattan and paint brushes


1 Disassemble the legs, door frame and handle of your cabinet and remove the pane from the door frame.

2 Strip the cabinet, including the legs, handle and door, of any existing paint or varnish, using Resene Strip-Off, a paintbrush and a paint scraper, following the instructions on the tin. Do this in a well-ventilated space, and use gloves and eye protection.

3 Lightly sand the cabinet smooth with an electric sander or by hand with sandpaper, using eye protection and a dust mask, and clean and dry it.

4 Measure the rattan to the door frame, slightly overlapping the void, and use a staple gun to fix it to the back of the frame.

Measuring rattan to the bedside table door

5 Trim any excess rattan and ensure the edges are left neat and tidy.

Trimming the rattan to fit the door

6 With a clean paintbrush, apply Resene Waterborne Smooth Surface Sealer to the cabinet, inside and out, including handle, legs and frame. Allow two hours to dry.

7 With a clean paintbrush, paint the cabinet, inside and out, and the door frame in Resene Kandinsky.

Painting the bedside cabinet

8 Paint the legs and handles and the exterior of the rattan in Resene Tussock. Once everything is dry, reassemble your cabinet, place in a restful spot and style to your taste.

Painting the rattan


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