Sauce founder Zeenat Wilkinson shares her stylish work-from-home space

How do you separate work from home when you’re working from home? Sauce founder Zeenat Wilkinson shares how cuddles with her dog and newborn break up the work day.

Zeenat Wilkinson holds baby next to pug

What work do you do in your work-from-home space?

I run two businesses – Sauce, and Sauce Studios – and I work with other creatives remotely. After working in publishing for more than a decade, I decided to combine my love of fashion with beauty (which at the time felt more of a solitary endeavour of exploration) and try to connect the two in a digital editorial space called Sauce. The platform explores topics such as fashion and beauty but also some harder-to-navigate conversations. Sauce Studios is some of the digital work I do behind the scenes with brands and advertising agencies.

Baby in wicker basket next to pug in beige chair

How long have you worked from home?

For more than five years. Before moving to New Zealand, I freelanced as a fashion editor and stylist in Mumbai, so I’ve been more or less working from home for about a decade. I try to mix things up by doing some work from a café. or a co-working space to make sure I don’t end up feeling isolated. Regular walks, coffee breaks and cuddles with my baby and dog are all essentials for making the most of my work-from-home situation.

Zeenat Wilkinson wearing black holding her baby

What do you like about it?

I have always intuitively approached working from home with “time boxing”, as I can’t sit at my desk for more than two hours at a stretch. I love the freedom of designing my day and working with my own creative energy bursts.

Mornings are really slow for me (especially now, with a newborn baby) so I use that time for emails and admin while she naps. In the afternoons, I might do personal errands, leaving my creative work for night, after dinner.

What do you enjoy about your work-from-home space?

I have two spaces that I use. One is an actual office space that extends out of my living room with my big iMac for design, photography and web work. The second is on my dining table with my little MacBook for emails, etc. Mixing it up helps my creative energy.

Retro bicycle in front of white book shelving

What are your tips for working well at home?

I tidy up my desk every night and keep things ready for the next morning. This ritual helps me start each day with fresh ideas and energy.

What are your office-interior essentials?

An inspiration mood board is always quite nice. I also love all things from the stationery brand An Organised Life. I have the weekly planner, diary and notepad on my desk at all times.

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