Take our quiz and we’ll tell you what style of bedding will suit you most

Take our quiz to identify your bedtime style personality, then choose bedding that is the perfect match.

1 How would you describe your bedroom?

A Modern

B Cosy

C Fresh

2 How would your friends describe you?

A A trendsetter

B A romantic

C A nature enthusiast

3 If you could buy one new thing for your bedroom, what would it be?

A Art

B A throw

C Essential oils

4 What is your favourite season?

A Winter

B Autumn

C Spring

5 What do you like to drink in the evening, before bedtime?

A A glass of vino

B A hot chocolate or chai

C A pot of green tea

6 How do you like to wind down before you go to sleep?

A Reading

B Journalling

C Cuddles with your pet

7 What is the most important aspect of your bedroom?

A Its look

B Its tactile feel

C The vibe

Mostly A’s

Kas Tiller Duvet Cover Sets, from $149.99, and Kas Daffie Natural Cushion, $79.99, from Briscoes.
Kas Tiller Duvet Cover Sets, from $149.99, and Kas Daffie Natural Cushion, $79.99, from Briscoes.

From graphic geometric prints to all the mod cons, you love to try out contemporary looks and new home technologies in your forward-thinking interiors.

For the bedroom, you can’t go past Goldair’s Luxury Quilted Fitted Electric Blanket with Wi-Fi and Smart Home for connected comfort. The SleepSmart technology works with Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant so you can set it exactly to your liking with the help of AI. Add Alastair’s innovative Deep Sleep Memory Pillow for a comfortable, supported sleep.

Mostly B’s

Fieldcrest Orleans Duvet Cover Sets, from $229.99 from Briscoes
Fieldcrest Orleans Duvet Cover Sets, from $229.99, Gracious Living Lou Flannelette Sheet Sets, from $89.99, and Urban Loft Sheffield Throw, $79.99, from Briscoes.

You create your dream bedtime scene with layers of tonal details, weaving together warming hues of rust and blush. From decorative cushions to tactile throws, you use your imagination to create your own soft cloud to float away on at the end of a busy day.

To add to the overall effect, the Hilton So Soft 450gsm Duvet Inner is so luxuriously soft and fluffy, it will be calling to you as soon as you arrive home. A Royal Doulton 50/50 Goose Down & Feather Pillow will help to make your sleep that much dreamier.

Mostly C’s

Kas Felix Duvet Cover Sets, from $129.99 from Briscoes
Kas Felix Duvet Cover Sets, from $129.99, and Urban Loft Lichfield Throw, $59.99 from Briscoes.

Even if you’re an inner-city dweller, you are most at home when surrounded by nature. Fresh contemporary furnishings and cocooning walls in organic shades of green harmonise with wooden floors to create a peaceful sanctuary.

We suggest Natures Remedy Lavender Pillow, with its calming fragrance, to induce a soothing sleep. Sunbeam’s Wool Fleece Electric Blanket is a snug addition, combining one of the world’s best natural insulators with Sunbeam’s sleep technology to keep you warm this winter.

This content was made in partnership with Briscoes.

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