This SPCA tabby cat is loving his new forever home with artist Alice Berry

A blonde woman holding a cat in front of a painting

Artist Alice Berry adopted Larry Tui the tabby at six years old. He’s getting used to her plush furnishings.

Please describe your house’s style.

My house is colourful and eclectic. I have plain white walls and wooden floors that are then decorated with colourful art, Moroccan rugs, retro furniture and trinkets I’ve collected while travelling.

How did you find Larry?

I found Larry at the SPCA. He moved in in January 2020. I wanted to find an older cat who needed some love!

He loves to follow me around and chat to me about his day. Larry lounges around sleeping in the sun on the deck, snoozing with me, chatting and rolling in a dirt patch in the backyard!

Is there a certain piece of furniture or area of the house he loves to hang out in?

His flavour of the month right now is a dusty pink woollen blanket on the couch in the lounge. Second choice is the dirt patch in the sun in the backyard.

How does your pet add to your family home life?

He’s just so cute! He brings lots of love and entertainment. We all love his cuddles.

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